As architects, we know that each day is new and must be explored. People’s dreams about how they want to live their lives, how they pursue inspiration and education.

Interior Design

These buildings give architecture, art, culture, history, and nature the opportunity to meet. We see this as an invitation to let the architecture vibrate with artistic audacity, life, and joy.

Exterior Design

We design outdoor living space dedicated balancing your privacy & entertainment, while embracing the homes natural topography. Our process is to create a harmony between your home and outdoor space.

Our Story

Project Management

Quality built on experience! Our work is to identify your realitic project goals and budget. We collaborate with clients in all aspects of project design, planning, organizing and leading the build from start to finish. Communication is a must, have regular reviews to make sure everything’s going to plan and your expectations.


As Sometimes you think you need to up size and sell your home, where maybe you just need toremodel and add on to your home. Maybe you just need a fresh new look and not sure how to go about it. Talking with Saunders Design Group letting sharing your ideas would be the first step. Researching ideas and building a plan, budget and schedule would be the next step. Suddenly, we are a quarter of the way there Sometimes taking a older home and making it new again is a better idea it sure doesn’t hurt to put that into a thought instead of selling,or maybe this is step before selling to gain a better dollar for your home.

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