Our homes are where we spend most of our lifetime, they therefore should be the best places to be. In a world where people are constantly worried about money and quality of life, a green home is a worthwhile investment. Recent studies have shown that the number of green residential construction has increased rapidly, but what exactly is a green home? A green home is a modern energy efficient housing complex that uses fewer natural resources, gives out less pollution to the environment and is considered to be cheaper and more sustainable in the long run compared to their standard housing counterparts. Green home is the it thing, it doesn’t matter where or when you are, you can build yourself a green home or do a green makeover and convert your standard home to a green one, all in one quick and pocket friendly experience. The state and conditions of our homes play a key role in determining our health and wealth, the environment too is dependent on our choice of home. LEED certified green homes not only reduce the amount of emissions to the environment, they also offer more natural resource efficiency and a more sustainable living space. Put together, this is an economic incentive set to soothe the pockets of residents and transform their quality of life. In a nutshell, green homes are energy efficient, environmentally friendly because of the reduced pollution footprint on the planet, sustainable and durable as they save homeowners a lot of money that would have otherwise gone into bills and more bills. With the numerous mentions of features out and about, a deeper dive into the idea of green homes is necessary;

  1. Energy efficiency

Most of the current housing complex use a lot of energy for regular amenities. Be it passive electrical appliances, heating. Even the construction and maintenance of such homes is energy consuming. Green homes however, revolutionize the way we use energy, they use less energy while still maintaining the status of your home. They cut out the energy vampires and provide you only those crucial and basic energy consuming appliances. To achieve this purpose, green homes offer; high efficiency appliances and heating systems. Energy efficient windows and doors that allow more heat to enter reducing need for lighting with bulbs. With the coming of solar panels, several passive solar dependent equipment has been incorporated in the construction of green homes, this reduces the dependence on non-renewable energy resources and electricity to power our homes. Energy efficiency is important as energy is expensive to produce and expensive to clean up after it has polluted the environment. The less energy used the less money you have to pour into energy bills.

  1. water efficiency.

Water is the source of life, prudent use of it ensures that we will in essence have life! Green homes minimize water use by introducing greywater and rainwater harvesting systems which recycle water for irrigation and indoor use. Water efficient appliances like low flow shower heads, self-closing taps and sprays, low-flush toilets and a newer energy and water efficient hot water system all come together to create a cost effective and water efficient green home. They offer the usage of water resources in a manner that saves water and ensures water is there for future generations.

They use alternative sources of water like rainwater and reduce water wastage through the installation of plumbing fixtures. These methods are efficient and reduce strain on shared resources through purifying and recycling of water.

  1. Healthier living

Studies show that we spend more time indoors where the air is more polluted therefore than the outside either from poor ventilation, toxic construction materials, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and smoke.

Green homes are built with natural occurring non toxic materials, these materials are largely biodegradable and make it easier for their disposal and use. Breathing in clean air is paramount in ensuring our health stays in check, with the abundance of chemicals and pollutions green homes offer a safe haven for you to breath in clean healthy air through ensuring quality indoor air (IAQ) by minimizing or eliminating materials that contribute toxins and allergens to the air. The use of latex and Acrylic paints which are low on VOC. The use of biodegradable construction materials like timber, natural finishes and good ventilation help avoid respiratory issues.

  1. Think global buy local.

Use of natural locally available resources for construction is a sure way of fostering the economic prosperity of any region. Buying locally sourced materials from regional manufactures and service providers guarantees that these firms will continue to grow and expand, the emissions and costs incurred with transportation of materials is kept to a bare minimum. While the use of natural resources means that the environment as we know it changes, it is safe to say it is worth it, seeing as green homes give back to the environment by making efficient use of this same materials which are recycled and eco-friendly.

  1. Higher resale value.

The current real estate market is volatile and is set to make strides that will see green homes become more marketable and in high demand. Having a green home or renovating your current standard home to a LEED certified green home means that come resale time, you will smile all the way to the bank. These homes are cheap and sustainable to maintain, cost effective repair, offering a huge decrease in bills and offering a more serene home environment. The current focus on sustainable modern housing will keep the green homes in market for decades to come. The greener your home is, the more greens you will have.

Just how much green is too much, when people hear green homes they automatically imagine living without their more treasured amenities. However, green homes still offer the same amenities only in a more efficient way by cutting out the excesses. The use of readily available natural materials for construction means that renovations on green homes will be cheaper and easier. The longevity and relevance of these homes over time is therefore guaranteed.

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