ICF House Construction for Central Okanagan

Is it time to build your own home? Use ICF. This best energy-saving building material is a sustainable and budget-friendly building insulation. It is a little more involved because it is so new, but Saunders Design Group has professionals who have the experience necessary with ICF house construction in Central Okanagan to ensure that you have your dream home. We’ll get your new house built the way you’d like it.

What Is ICF?

ICF stands for insulated concrete forms. This process uses hollow blocks of foam to create the foundation and walls of your home. Once they are set up, we pour concrete in the hollow space to give you a strong, well-organized wall. ICF blocks fit together almost like Lego pieces and can be made to match any design you have for your property.

One of the bigger benefits of ICF construction is that the building envelope offers the highest energy efficiency required for houses in British Columbia. The Thompson-Okanagan area has a playful warmer climate; this requires air conditioning systems to run often.

Buildings with ICF, however, provide your home continuous insulation for walls, roofs, and below-grade areas, positively decreasing your home’s energy consumption. ICF is a high performance closed cell; it can greatly reduce the risk of moisture and many adverse conditions with proper installation.

Is It Energy-Efficient?

An ICF-built home is more energy-efficient than a traditional wood-frame home. The foam blocks and the subsequent concrete that makes up the walls are almost completely air-tight. This means that hot and cold air has a harder time escaping from the building. This, in turn, lets your HVAC system work less hard and lets you save money on utility costs.

The Saunders Design Group provides a completely custom design for your ICF home construction project so that you can get the benefits of ICF along with a custom home. To discuss your project, text us at (250) 899 0483 or email us at hello@saundersdesigngroup.ca.

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