About Saunders


Doug Saunders, our Senior Construction Manager, early groundbreaking projects: Penecostal House of Worship in 2006 and  complex concrete of McLeod Park Grandstand. By the late 2000’s, Doug had become a recognized quality builder with a portfolio of milestone projects including a 8 million dollar home built in 14 months, several custom homes, and many functional renovations.


  •  Building a home should be fun and exciting—it is our goal to ensure the process is enjoyable from start to finish you might even find yourself doing a ‘happy dance’ during your project!
  • One of our most important focuses is working one-on-one with our clients to establish a realistic project budget and timeline.
  • Saunders believes rough construction is the most important, our group has the experience necessary to get the pre-construction done right, 99.9%  inspections passing rate. This eliminates possible problems throughout the building process.
  •  We would love to hear your ideas & dreams you have for your next home. With the opportunity to help you turn these dreams into a reality


I was the Residential Project Manager and  Doug was the Site Superintendent on many high end projects.  As I had worked with other Site Supterintendents in the past, Doug was by far the best, and one that I have a lot of respect for.


Kevin Edgecombe

"He has completed numerous high end resiential projects which resulted in a high level of client satisfaction.

Doug is an extremely passionate, talented builder. He is highly skilled at his craft and is a very dedicated worker."