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At Saunders Design Group, we go beyond the cookie cutter approach with our boutique style management that offers remote management, so clients can continue their daily activities while we take care of the build. We offer budget and schedule planning to alleviate any issues associated with your build, and we always prioritize the safety, quality, efficiency, and coordination of the numerous trades working on your project. How did we build such a solid team foundation? We’ve invested unprecedented time and resources into ensuring that diligent, quality building standards are prioritized at each project, so you and family get the very best value for quality fine living. In fact, many of our clients have commented on how great it is to have a team that collaborates so efficiently on their project.

Our Story

A Little About Us

Building your custom home is an exciting endeavor, but with all the factors that go into making your dream home a reality, it can quickly feel overwhelming—there is a lot to consider. To help make the process easier, we focus on passive house principles and utilize high performance building science to ensure our designs are as thoughtfully detailed, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly as possible within the scope of your project. Your home is your castle, it defines your character, your lifestyle, and the dynamics of your day-to-day life. When tasked with new construction or addition projects we take the time to learn about your daily activities and recommend a natural floor plan flow that matches your lifestyle and fits comfortably within your budget. Some questions we consider when planning a design include: Where should the kitchen be? How many bedrooms must we build? How big should the master bedroom be? How do we best utilize the building lot creating privacy while connecting the natural surrounding views.

Construction Experts

We are construction experts and have been in the industry for a very long time. We have extensive knowledge in all aspects of construction work and renovations. We specialize in home improvement, custom home builders, and repairs. We have a well-qualified and gracious crew to ensure top-quality performance.

Custom Building

As soon as the inspection of your location is completed, we will have one to one serval discussion for the actual requirement that you need. We design the complete project using the latest architectural software to analyze the possibility or better suggestion.

Skilled Client Assistants

Our skilled client assistants and care to detail are what makes Saunders design group the best choice in British Columbia for all your home construction requirements. We pride ourselves in perfection and will settle for only the best.


Saunders Construction Design Group strives for each project we complete to be functional and efficient. Building is never cheap , our dedicated construction building practice will work on the project paying you back for your dedication creating the funds for the build . Imagine a project that uses a fifth of the energy of a regular house .

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